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National Collegiate Athletic Association  (NCAA)

Here are a few key things to know if you would like to play athletics at the college level:

  • Register with NCAA:  If you plan to play at a Division 1 or Division 2 school, you MUST register with the NCAA Clearinghouse .  There is a $75 fee to complete your NCAA account.

  • If you are looking at Division 3 schools or are undecided, you can still create a profile with NCAA free of charge.  They will send you updates and things to remember as you decide on your path.

  • Request your transcript:  Once your NCAA account is complete, you need to request an official transcript on Naviance.  Search "NCAA Eligibility Center" in the college search bar and add it to your " Colleges I'm Applying To" list.  Pay your $2 transcript fee to the Counseling Center.  Your NCAA account must be 100% complete before we are permitted to send your transcript.  Click here for more transcript request instructions.

  • Send your scores: Login to your CollegeBoard or ACT account and send your official test scores.  This cannot be completed by the high school.  

  • You can register for the NCAA as early as your sophomore year.  

  • A verbal commitment with a coach does NOT mean you have been accepted to a particular school.  You must still complete the full application process at the college or university and follow all of the SPHS Naviance steps.  Also, once you have been accepted to the school, your spot on the team could still hinge on participating in tryouts. 

  • Talk with high school coach and athletic director about recruiting opportunities and how to reach out to college coaches.  

  • Clickable resources are listed below!

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