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Naviance is the college and career planning tool used by all AACPS high schools.  Below is a list of tasks assigned to each grade level.  During scheduling season each Spring, students will work specifically on the tasks below in the College Career Center while waiting for their individual advising meeting with their counselor.  

Student's User Name = their personal email address

Student's Password = their 6-digit student ID number

Parents - May enter as a guest or contact the Counseling Center for a parent account

For Seniors: 

Naviance is the tool your teachers and School Counselor will use to send letters of recommendation and official transcripts to the schools you are applying to.  Please visit the "Document Resources" section of your Naviance home page for specific step by step instructions on the college application process.  School Counselors will be conducting Naviance classroom lessons in your English class during September.  Please see your School Counselor with any questions.

* SAT and ACT Scores are not part of your school record and therefore will NOT be sent via Naviance with your transcript.  Students must request these scores directly from College Board or ACT
Allow 4-6 weeks for processing. *  


  • Complete Strengths Explorer

  • Complete Career Cluster Finder

  • Add Career Cluster to Profile

  • Create a College and/or Career Goal


  • Complete Career Interest Profiler and Survey

  • Add Careers to profile

  • Create/Update College and/or Career goal


  • Complete College SuperMatch

  • Add Colleges to "Colleges I'm Thinking About" List

  • Build/Update Resume

  • Create/Update College and/or Career goal


  • Add Colleges to "Colleges I'm Applying To" List

  • Build/Update Resume

  • Research Scholarships/Add Scholarships to "Scholarships I'm Applying To"