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Schedule Change Requests 

Students, just like in previous school years, you can request a schedule change as long as it complies with AACPS Board Policy IG-Selection and Changing of High School Courses. Requests for a schedule change MUST be made via a form on BrightSpace within the first 10 school days of each semester. 


Note, a schedule change request does NOT guarantee a change, nor approval of a change.


Students will be notified of the approval or denial. Students are to continue in the course until they are notified by Mrs. Chang, assistant principal in-charge of scheduling.

The AACPS Board of Education supports schedule changes ONLY for the reasons stated below:


 1.  Course is required by a senior who needs it for graduation this school year. 

 2.  Sequential order of the course is incorrect (lacking a prerequisite course, e.g., Spanish II before Spanish I). 

 3.  Need to repeat a previously failed course.

 4.  The specific course has already been taken and passed.

 5.  Adding academic course recommended by employer or college.*

 6.  Dropping course for academic reason recommended by teacher.*

 7.  Changing course for health reason certified in writing by physician.*


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