Schedule Change Requests

Students may request a schedule change with Mrs. Abruzzo, Assistant Principal in-charge of scheduling, during the first 10 school days of each semester.  Mrs. Abruzzo will be available for students in the cafeteria during all lunches during the first 10 school days of each semester to direct students on the process for schedule change requests.

The AACPS Board of Education supports schedule changes ONLY for the reasons stated below:


 1.  Course is required by a senior who needs it for graduation this school year. 

 2.  Sequential order of the course is incorrect (lacking a prerequisite course, e.g., Spanish II before  Spanish I). 

 3.  Need to repeat a previously failed course.

 4.  The specific course has already been taken and passed.

 5.  Adding academic course recommended by employer or college.*

 6.  Dropping course for academic reason recommended by teacher.*

 7.  Changing course for health reason certified in writing by physician.*


* These requirements MUST be in writing and attached to an email to Mrs. Abruzzo,, or placed in her mailbox in the Main Office.

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