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Paying Transcript Fees

Class of 2023 Transcript Fees as well as fees from alumni can now be paid online using Online School Payments! 
Please follow the instructions below carefully to make sure your payment is processed properly. 
* Note * There is a 4% transaction fee for all online transactions.  

1: For the Class of 2023: Login to your Naviance Account to check your transcript balance
Colleges I'm Applying To -> Manage Transcripts -> Amount listed on the bottom of the page.

For Alumni: The cost is $2 per transcript request.  Please be sure to fill out the Transcript Request Form and send to Mrs. Besche to officially request your transcript.  

2: Login to OSP (Online School Payment)

online school payments.JPG
(Click Here)

3: Class of 2023: Select
"Obligations: Transcript Fees"

Alumni: Select "Obligations Transcripts for Alumni"

Do not click the box & add to cart.



4: Add students FIRST & LAST name in the description box.

Add the amount you owe in the price box.

Click Add to Cart and follow the prompts to check out. 

There is a 4% processing fee for online transactions.


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