Students Taking Action Responsibly

This school wide program is designed to promote a positive and healthy learning environment for our school community by improving decision making strategies, enhancing self-esteem, increasing the use of social support resources and preventing destructive behaviors.

S.T.A.R. Advisory Guest Speaker Friday, Nov 1st

We enjoyed a great guest speaker during Advisory on Friday, November 1st as part of our S.T.A.R. Advisory Speaker Series.  We learned of Timmy Brooks from an article in “Inside Lacrosse” that was shared with us last spring 2019.  We had a S.T.A.R. student ambassador conduct a 30-minute interview which we aired live streaming through our SPTV system.  Timmy shared his journey from attending an elite prep school and being recruited as a D1 athlete, to being a felon, and now president of a sober living recovery facility for young men.  In his powerful message, he shared how each little decision he made had huge impacts on the trajectory of his life and those around him.  His honest account of maintaining the façade of the “perfect” person contributed to his stress, depression, and poor decision-making.  He discussed how mental health and choices made are intertwined.  One of the most important messages was the hope and happiness he found since his experiences in rehab, jail, and now probation.  He now has a promising career and a fiancé, as well as an incredible support system.  He encouraged our Falcons to share their struggles with those who are loving and supportive.  Feedback from students has been very positive.  Our students have said “he was just like us” and his story is “very relatable.”  His message was very powerful.


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